Mentorship Programme For Corporates and Professionals

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As soft skills trainers, we have done a lot of workshops and training sessions for all sorts of organisations. When training sessions are arranged in an organisation, it is usually the management of the organisation that decides what sort of a training the employees require. Rarely do they look into individual requirements.

What happens due to this, is that long-term change does not happen.

As ‘Mentors‘, we assess the needs of your team as a whole, as well as individual needs and concerns – what do they require to grow professionally? Is it a lack of knowledge in soft skills, English language, professional etiquette, confidence? Or are there personal issues? We package the training programme for you accordingly. At times, your employees may need personal counselling sessions too, to remove baggages or blocks that are preventing them from moving forward in life.

Towards this end, we use psychological tools like NLP and TA.



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