Personal Counselling

Are you bogged down by Stress, Worry, Frustration?




What is personal counselling all about? It is about providing you with a safe and confidential setting, so that you can open up about your issues, challenges, fears. We guide and counsel you to find solutions.

All the answers are within you. All you need is guidance to help you find your answers.

That’s what we are here for… We help you set goals to overcome the hurdles in your life one by one.

You will be better able to experience and appreciate the joys of life, find new meaning to life, achieve success in your professional, as well as your personal life and just become a happier person.

We can help you overcome Stress and Worries


A woman who felt her husband was not paying her enough attention

"Thanks to you, I was able to see that I need not let outside happenings affect my peace of mind. I am now able to find happiness within myself. Magically, my outward circumstances have changed."

A lady who was frustrated with her teenage daughter's behaviour

"You helped me become more aware of how I was reacting to my daughter's tantrums. I changed the way I respond, and this has changed our relationship for the better.”

A man who had to present before an audience, to increase business

"I am now able to make presentations regularly. I continue to use the tools you have taught me, to increase my confidence and positive outlook.”

A lady who was stressed out

"Thanks to your meditation sessions and visualisation techniques, I am a calmer person. In fact, I feel really good about myself and my work.”

Happy Customers

Viswanath G
Personality Development
"the molding given by you helped me a lot to make myself aware about my inner self and became more confident to face the outside world. More than that it helped me to get positive thought patterns , gain confidence, improve behaviour and learn better communication. You were such a great teacher who has the ability to bring out the best in students and had inspired us a lot too."